Paradise Bahira Town

4 K Shopping Mall

The Shopping Mall is mixed-use building with 25 condominiums and retail. This infill site project takes advantage of its street corner exposure. Notice that the building transitions from 4 stories. This creates an interesting building geometry, as well as several luxurious roof terraces.

  • Client:Paradise Bahira Town
  • Lead Architect:Abdullah
  • Project Type:Shopping Mall
Garden City Bahira Town, Islamabad

Golfer Sky Garden

The Project’s goal is to repurpose the site, and to bring value and vibrancy into the neighborhoods. Our architects create mixed-use developments that are a success to the residents, the developers, and the communities.

  • Client:Garden City
  • Lead Architect:Abdullah
  • Project Type:Residents
Business District Bahira Town

Aventus Tower

Responsive building massing and careful exterior detailing successfully add residential warmth and welcome streetscape energy at the heart of the Bahira mixed use district.

  • Client:Aventus Tower
  • Lead Architect:Abdullah
  • Project Type:Residence
Bahira Garden City

Atrius One

This project was designed to be reminiscent of the Modern downtown of the community. Each vertical section of the building has its own unique character, with colors and detailing distinguishing it from the next.

  • Client:Atrius One
  • Architects:Abdullah
  • Project Type:Residence